Report a found item

1. FINDIT.ID code

You can ignore any dashes. For example, enter AA-123-456 as AA123456.

2. Your details

The information that you enter here is used by the FINDIT.ID system to communicate with you. Details entered here will not be shared with the item owner unless you repeat them in the “Message to item owner” below.

Once you submit this report, the item owner is notified. If that owner responds, the FINDIT.ID system will forward that message to your email address. You can simply reply to emails from the FINDIT.ID system and your emails will be forwarded to the item owner.

3. Message to item owner

Whatever you write in these two fields is sent to the item owner.

If you feel safe sharing your contact details, put them in the message. Alternatively, you could tell the item owner where to pick the item up, such as at a stadium lost and found.

If you arrange to meet the item owner do it somewhere safe and in public, e.g. a hotel lobby, shopping centre or police station.

4. Agreement

If you arrange to meet an item owner we recommend that you bring a friend and if you are under 18, bring an adult.